Espacio, Tiempo y Educación (v. 8, n. 2, 2021) Social movements and currents of pedagogical renewal (19th-20th century)

New Issue

Special Issue: Social movements and currents of pedagogical renewal (19th-20th century)

Guest Editor: Pablo Toro Blanco (Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Chile)

“In the last few decades, an interpretative shift has emerged regarding the concept of social movements. As it currently appears, a crucial sign has been the progressive abandonment by the literature of the singular “social movement” because it meant a one-sided point of view that only considered a schematic focus on the most explicit dimensions of the classic notion of class struggle. (…) The articles within this dossier tackle different educational phenomena and several chronological and geographical realities, even though they all regard the twentieth century. The authors chose Russia, Spain, and Latin America (Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile) to deal with diverse agendas and issues (pedagogical thought, feminist struggles, teachers’ practices, students’ movements)” (Pablo Toro Blanco).


Social movements and pedagogical renewal in the twentieth century: thoughts, practices, and resistances

Pablo Toro Blanco


American Makarenko and soviet Dewey: a search for pedagogical renewal

Yelena Rogacheva

The liberation of the oppressed. Neomalthusianism and conscious motherhood in female anarchism

Laura Sánchez Blanco

Regenerationist school practice: The model of traditional pedagogical renovation of teachers during Spain’s Second Republic

Carlos Menguiano Rodríguez, María del Mar Del Pozo Andrés

The Student Movement of the Universidad Obrera Nacional in Argentina: Notes on the Constitution and Operation of FADEUO in Peronism

Álvaro Sebastián Koc Muñoz

The Uruguayan ‘68: Student Unrest and Breakdown of Democracy

Camille Gapenne

An autonomous teacher subject as a force of pedagogical renewal: two historical moments of activation of the teacher’s movement in Chile

Felipe Acuña


Geographic Discourse, Cultural Representations and Printed Publications. The Atlas metódico of Antonio García Cubas and the Mexican School Context, 1867-1880

Mario Jocsán Bahena Aréchiga Carrillo

The Orteguian and Francoist vein in the organic laws of the University of Puebla, Mexico, 1937 and 1941

Jesús Márquez Carrillo

Educational Reform Policies in Argentina in the 1970s: The Beginning of a Differentiation Process among National Universities?

Mariana ​Mendonça

Learning Languages among Aristocrats in Hungary (1867-1918)

Magdolna Rébay

The Development of a Critical Thinking on Education: the Role of the Book Collection «Il Puntoemme» in the Italian Context During the Seventies

Letterio Todaro

Space, Knowledge and School Time in the Reports of Public Instruction and the Particular Alagoas Province, Brazil (1866-1868)

Edgleide de Oliveira Clemente da Silva


Historical research in education: Understanding contemporary situations and conditions through analysis of the relevant history. An Interview with the Lucien Criblez

Michaela Vogt, Annemarie Augschöll Blasbichler

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