Espacio, Tiempo y Educación (v. 6, n. 1, 2019) The Sixties Reloaded. Exploring social movements, student protests and youth rebellion

New Issue

Special Issue: The Sixties Reloaded. Exploring social movements, student protests and youth rebellion

Guest editors: Antonella Cagnolati (University of Foggia. Italy), José Luis Hernández Huerta (University of Valladolid. Spain) & Andrés Payà Rico (University of Valencia. Spain)

Thanks to an extraordinary synergy between many heterogeneous factors, the fertile seedlings planted in the Sixties flourished and bore fruit in the 1970s. Slowly, their branches entwined throughout Western society up until the end of that decade and beyond. The elements influencing this metamorphosis are brought to light and discussed in the rich, in-depth articles collected in this monographic issue of Espacio, Tiempo y Educación, entitled The Sixties Reloaded. Exploring social movements, student protests and youth rebellion –a new exploration of the decade that has generally been relegated to the body of sociological and philosophical research. They were rich and dense years: the goal of the younger generations was to create a new symbolic imaginary, which took shape through music, fashions and alternative lifestyles that stood out in stark contrast to those enjoyed by their parents and grandparents. They went to the streets to protest: they alarmed the politicians in power who tried to convey through the media a very simplified version of the young, so missing the most significant development in the 1960s –the youth taking on a new role, becoming visible in “other” places, beyond the traditional spaces for protest, fighting for pacifism and civil rights, in an attempt to unite the utopian desire to change the world with a recognition of a strong subjectivity” (Cagnolati, Hernández Huerta & Payà Rico).


Uprising! Searching for new subjectivities in the Sixties. Introduction

Antonella Cagnolati, José Luis Hernández Huerta, Andrés Payà Rico


The «Long 1960s» in a Global Arena of Contention: Re-defining Assumptions of Self, Morality, Race, Gender and Justice, and Questioning Education

Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Re-thinking Student Radicalism: the case of a Provincial British University

Sam Blaxland

«Imagined Communities»: Student and Revolutionary Movements in the Headlines of Mass Media Newspapers and Magazines During the Brazilian Dictatorship

Katya Zuquim Braghini

On the Global Hot Seat: University Presidents in the Global 1968

Deborah Cohen, Lessie Frazier

Did Youth Destabilize Politics? Western European Social Democracies and Student Movements in «the Long Sixties»

Ismail Ferhat

«Gravissimum Educationis» and the Jesuit Theologians of Loyola Province, Spain

Jon Igelmo Zaldívar

Reception and Perception of May 1968 in Greece

Pantelis Kyprianos

Uruguay, 1968. Some Lines of an Analysis based on the Survey of the Student Protest in a Peripheral Country

Vania Markarian

Student Movement in Portugal Throughout the ’60s: Actors’ Representations of a Period of Social and Cultural Experimentation

Joaquim António de Sousa Pintassilgo, Alda Namora de Andrade, Carlos Alberto da Silva Beato


The British National Union of Teachers (NUT) against the background of the Cold War: An International Peace Conference between teachers in Western and Eastern Europe

Amarilio Ferreira Jr.

Italian university after world war II: proposals of reconstruction by Fuci

Luigiaurelio Pomante

Enlightenment, education and theatre in Spain at the end of the 18th century. Some clues

Manuel F. Vieites

Between progress and philanthropy. Social and educational paths for the abandoned children of Southern Italy before the Unification: the case of Molise

Valeria Viola

Death in students’ everyday lives in 1930’s Brazil

Kênia Hilda Moreira, Elizabeth Figueiredo de Sá


Conversación con el historiador Jesús Valdés, ex-miembro del Consejo Nacional de Huelga del Movimiento Estudiantil de 1968 en México

Adelina Arredondo