History of Education Review (v. 50, n. 1, 2021) History of Education in China and Beyond

New Issue

Special Issue: History of Education in China and Beyond

Guest Editors: AdamNelson, WangHuimin


Guest editorial

Adam Nelson, Wang Huimin

Western educational historiography and the institutionalization of normal schools in modern China (1901–1944)

Wang Chen, Luo Wei, Wu Yuefei

The reception and use of John Dewey’s educational ideas by Hu Shi in the Early Republic of China

Kang Zhao

The fate of traditional schools in a context of educational modernization: the case of Si-shu in China

Chunjiao Jiang, Pengcheng Mao

Whose books? The Harvard-Yenching Institute’s library and the question of academic imperialism

Liu Qing

The National Defense Education Act, the American Association of University Professors and the dilemma of academic freedom in the mid-twentieth century

Huimin Wang

A political history of Chinese historiography on “foreign education”

Luxi Chen, Yiqing Su

Book review

Thomas Ashley Mackay

Book review

Tanya Fitzgerald

Book review

Jonathon Dallimore

Book review

Pamela Woolner

Book review

Peter Gronn

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