History of Education Review (v. 49, n. 2, 2020)

New Issue


“The NOSCA Mafia”: overseas student activism in Australia, 1985–1994

Tim Briedis

The New South Wales Teachers Federation, the Conciliation Committee of 1927-1929, and the Formation of the Educational Workers League

Dorothy Kass, Martin Sullivan

Collegial governance in postwar Australian universities

Joel Barnes

Education in the apocalypse: disaster and teaching on British television

Marcus Harmes

Remembering and forgetting the arts of technical education

John Pardy

The quarantine archives: educators in “social isolation”

Ligia (Licho) López López, Christopher T. McCaw, Rhonda Di Biase, Amy McKernan, Sophie Rudolph, Aristidis Galatis, Nicky Dulfer, Jessica Gerrard, Elizabeth McKinley, Julie McLeod, Fazal Rizvi

Australian university and medical school life during the 1919 influenza pandemic

James Waghorne

A history of university income in the United Kingdom and Australia, 1922–2017

Tamson Pietsch

“Not in the business of indoctrination”: religious education in South Australian public schools, 1968–1980

Stephen James Jackson

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