Encounters in Theory and History of Education (v. 21, 2020) International Organizations, Global Circulation of Ideas and Educational Modernization

New Issue



Introduction to the Special Issue: History of Education, International Relations and Transnational Perspectives: State of the Art

Óscar J. Martín García and Mariano González-Delgado

Part I: Special Issue: International Organizations, Global Circulation of Ideas and Educational Modernization

The International Bureau of Education: A Precursor of the Unesco and the Factory of its Pedagogical Guidelines? (1934–1968)

Rita Hofstetter and Bernard Schneuwly

Concerns and Suspicions on a Questionable Science in the Era of Ideologies: The Hard Pathway of Comparative Education in Italy during the 1970s

Letterio Todaro

International Organizations and Educational Change in Spain during the 1960s

Lorenzo Delgado Gómez-Escalonilla

Pedagogical Renewal in Portugal Between the 1950s and the 1970s: Actors, Reception of Ideas, Educational Experiences

Joaquim Pintassilgo and Alda Namora de Andrade

The Spanish Labor Universities and the Belgian Labor University: An Example of Education Transfer and Transformation (1955–1983)

Carmen Sanchidrián Blanco and María Dolores Molina Poveda

Brazilian Higher Education in the 1960s and 1970s of the 20th Century: International Agreements and the Reform of the Brazilian University

Ariclê Vechia and António Gomes Ferreira

Part II: Digital Media and Methods Section

Sentidos de nación, reflexión pedagógica en el cambio de guion en el museo histórico nacional

Macarena Ponce de León and Manuel Correa Serrano

Part III: Special Features

Pūpūkahi i Holomua: A Story of Hawaiian Education and a Theory of Change

Keali‘i Kukahiko, Pono Fernandez, Dawn Kau‘i Sang, Kamuela Yim, Anela Iwane, Ka‘anohiokalā Kalama-Macomber, Ku‘ulei Makua, Karen Nakasone, Dana Tanigawa, Kāhea Kim, Leināʻala Cosma Reyes, and TristanFleming-Nazara

Pedagogical Conditions for Ensuring the Quality of Engineering Training in Ukraine in the 19th Century

Viacheslav Oleksenko

Kindergarten in Ontario – An Exceptional Case of a Publicly Funded Early Childhood Education Since 1883

Danuta Wloka

Les Annuaires Scolaires : la richesse d’une source pour l’histoire de l’école et des élèves

Paulí Dávila, Luis M. Naya, and Joana Miguelena

Part IV: Interview

Interview with Dr Carmen M. Mangion on Catholic Nuns and Sisters in a Secular Age: Britain, 1945–1990

Heidi MacDonald

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