History of Education Review (v. 48, n. 2, 2019)



Tracing the radical, the migrant, and the secular in the history of Australian schooling: Contrapuntal historiographies

Remy Low, Eve Mayes, Helen Proctor

The hidden historiography of migration and Australian schooling

Helen Proctor

Radical reform and reforming radicals in Australian schooling

Eve Mayes

Secularism, race, religion and the Public Instruction Act of 1880 in NSW

Remy Low

The Margaret Bailey case: High school activism, the right to education and modern citizenship in late 1960s Australia

Isobelle Barrett Meyering

Clarice Irwin’s visions for education in Australia in the 1920s and 1930s: “what might be”

Dorothy Kass

Memory objects and boarding school trauma

Christine Trimingham Jack, Linda Devereux

Henry Caldwell Cook, creativity and democratic learning

John Howlett

Histories of teachers in Australia and New Zealand from the 1970s to the present

Kay Whitehead

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