Encounters in Theory and History of Education (v. 20, 2019)

New Issue



Rosa Bruno-Jofré; Jon Igelmo Zaldívar

Part I: Festschrift Honouring Nel Noddings on Occasion of Her 90th Birthday

Part I: Artwork

Sylviane Farnoux-Toporkoff

Critical Thinking and Open-Mindedness in Polarized Times

Susan Verducci

Felicidad, educación y democracia en el pensamiento de Nel Noddings

Alicia García, Gonzalo Jover

Rural, Poor and Mapuche: A Window into the Power of Caring Education

Rosita Puga

Geography Taught as if It Matters

Stephen J. Thornton

Care Ethics in Universities: Beyond an Easy “Add and Stir” Solution

Victoria Vázquez Verdera

How to Develop True Care: Three Interviews with Nel Noddings

Masao Yokota, Clarissa Douglass, Nel Noddings

Epilogue: Nel Noddings as Trailblazer

Lynda Stone


Angela Costello – Scarred but standing

Angela Costello

Part II: Digital Media and Methods Section

Part II: Artwork

Ilias Toliadis

Designing Educational Experiences: Resurrecting the Archive through Collaborative Exhibition

Leon Gurevitch, Tim Miller, Simon Fraser

Part III: A Powerful Moment in the History of Education

Part III: Artwork

Sylviane Farnoux-Toporkoff

William Pinar Responding to Elliot Eisner

Fernando M. Murillo, William Pinar


Angela Giallongo’s The Historical Enigma of the Snake Woman from Antiquity to the 21st Century

Angela Giallongo

History of Education with Angela Giallongo and Her Snake Women

Patrizia Caraffi

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