History of Education Review (v. 48, n. 1, 2019)



Micro histories of intercultural knowledge exchange: Tao Xingzhi’s education-al poetry

Jing Qi, Catherine Manathunga, Michael Singh, Tracey Bunda

Bushrangers, itinerant teachers and constructing educational policy in 1860s New South Wales

Ashley Thomas Freeman

Australian and New Zealand women teachers in the First World War

Kay Morris Matthews, Kay Whitehead

Creating “them” and “us”: The educational framing of picture books to teach about forced displacement and today’s “refugee crisis”

Mary Tomsic, Claire Marika Deery

Carnegie in Australia: philanthropic power and public education in the early twentieth century

Bill Green

There was movement at the station: western education at Moola Bulla, 1910-1955

Rhonda Povey, Michelle Trudgett

Mindfulness for teachers: notes toward a discursive cartography

Remy Low

Muriel Pyrah: sources and myths from a West Riding of Yorkshire school, 1967–1972

Lottie Hoare


“The Right Thing to Read”: A History of Australian Girl-Readers, 1910–1960

Emily Kate Gallagher

History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory: People, Programs, Pol-icies

Amy Claire Thomas

Review of Malcolm Harris’ Kids These Days by young people encountering education in Australia

Hannah Forsyth, Christina Burjan, Patrick Flood, Cooper Forsyth, Ruby New-man

The Good University: what Universities Actually do and why it’s Time for Radi-cal Change

Hannah Forsyth

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