Encounters in Theory and History of Education (v. 19, 2018)

New Issue



Gendered Education in History, Theory and Practice

Carl Antonius Lemke Duque, Álvaro Chaparro Sainz

Part I: Education Policy and gendered education in longue durée perspective

The Rise and Limits of Education Policy. Gendered Education

Ansgar Weymann

Part II: Past and present of women’s education in Europe

The French monarchy and the education of noble girls (16th – 18th century)

Dominique Picco

Gender and the transformations of the French school system in the 19th century. Interpretive debates

Rebecca Rogers

Progress and Pitfalls in Women’s Education in Turkey (1839-2017)

Ayşe Durakbaşa, Funda Karapehlivan

Part III: Gendered spaces and the performativity of knowledge

Gendered activism: the anti francoist student movement in the university of Granada in the 1960s and 1970s

Aurora Morcillo

The Limits of Identity – Performativity, Gender and Politics

Kerstin Jergus

Boys in Religious Education – a difficult relationship?! Considering perspectives of boys in a gender-balanced pedagogy of diversity

Thorsten Knauth

Digital Media and Methods Section

Introduction to Digital Media and Methods Section

Ana Jofre

Altering Cooking and Eating Habits during the Romanian Communist Regime by Using Cookbooks

Ina Irina Ghita


Marcus Gordon, Sara Diamond

Special Features

Irish Traveller Parents’ Involvement in Targeted Early Years Education

Anne Boyle, Dr, Joan Hanafin, Dr, Marie Flynn, Dr

The civics test: a political or educational tool for creating the perfect citizen? A historical overview of forms and processes of naturalization in the United States

Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde, Mary Kathryn Ketch